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Hebrews 4:13

The Naked Truth is a ministry based on Hebrews 4:13

"Nothing in creation is hidden but everything is NAKED and exposed before God and He is the one to whom we give account"



June 9th, 2018

A Radical Church

Sebert Road

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Learn from world-changing thinkers and innovators in the Christian community


The Naked Truth is a hard hitting Real life conference which will uncover the hidden things holding us back, Topics usually buried under the carpet such as, abuse, rape, pornography, suicide, stigma attached to Divorce, domestic violence, addictions, and effects of slavery , also a powerful insight into how to create wealth and avoid the status quo will all be NAKED and EXPOSED at this powerful conference. This conference is a one off LIFE-CHANGER BOOK EARLY AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT




We have amazing real life testimonies ranging from drug abuse, gangland violence, Sex addiction, depression, divorce, church hurt, rape and prison and how to overcome Real life struggles.   We also have  renowned speakers Bishop Wayne Malcom, Pastor Mark Liburd, Duwayne Brooks OBE, Lee Jasper , As our keynote speakers. We are going to be enriched with a special word from Cheryl Ann regarding Slavery and how it still affects us years later.  This will truly be a conference you will not want to miss. 


Associate Sponsors


Bishop Wayne Malcolm

London England

Highly sought after acclaimed international speaker. Seeks to educate bringing Christ into your working life and generating income

Lee Jasper Ex Government advisor, Community Activist

London Engand

Highly Respected speaker and activist, Lee works effectively being a voice in the wilderness and ensuring fairness and equality to the every day man, using his expertise and skills in government to assist the community

Duwayne Brooks OBE British Politician

London England

Best known for being with Stephen Lawrence on the night of his racially aggravated murder. Duwayne has worked tirelessly to further awareness in the community and launched his own project.

Pastor Mark Liburd

London England

Having assisted in Pastoring a mega church for years and running his own youth ministry, Mark is gifted in helping youth and inspiring them to live their best life now

Psalmist Isaiah Raymond

London England

Isaiah is an anointed and gifted singer and artiste as well as being an Evangelist Preacher. He has ministered around the world and is highly sought after in the gospel circuit

Psalmist Marcia Walder Thomas

London England

Marcia has recently released her single in the charts and is a gifted singer much sought after by many in the Christian circuit

Pastor Antonio Christopher

London England

Pastor Antonio is a trained Christian Counsellor, 

Grace Oggudah

London England

Grace is a motivational speaker and personal life coach, she has spoken at many conferences and seminars and has had televised appearances, she is a great encourager and runs her own business in coaching.

Shana Lewis

London England

Shana is a business woman who has made it against all odds, surviving brain surgery she will be sharing her testimony.

Dr Pearl Jarrett

London England

Pearl is a cancer survivor and an abuse survivor, she is happily married and has recently reinvented her life as an actress, recently appearing on a National TV advert, she is sharing her amazing testimony.

Pastor Tina Jones

London England

Tina is a Prison Chaplain and Pastor, she overcame cancer, drug use and a life of crime and has managed to rebuild her life after divorce, she has a ministry to gang members and prisoners, Hear her powerful story 

Janet Mcnish

London England

Janet is a qualified Christian Counselor, she has a successful counselling business and  has helped many people overcome challenges she is also very experienced in helping with matters linked to sexual abuse and mental health.

Thomas Macdonald

London England

Thomas has a powerful story of being delivered from sexual abuse, drugs and prison, he is now happily married and is a pastor

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The Organisers

Miriam Virgo

Miriam is the founder of The Naked truth ministry and primary organiser of the event

Allan Sealy

Allan is the co-organiser of the event 

Rachel Bojang

Rachel is the administrator for the event

Miriam Macdonald

Miriam is the Lead co-ordinator for the event



Marcus is the event and 

security manager

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