The Naked Truth Origin

Launched in 2010 The Naked truth, is made up of Pastors, Ministers, and Christian born again believers with a strong Christian ethos, The team members have a deep heart of compassion for the hurting people within the community and Christians seeking restoration, ensuring their faith and walk in Christ is restored through truth and revelation of His unfailing love demonstrated to them.

Team members have experienced and overcome great trials such as Divorce, abuse, rape, alcoholism, suicidal tendencies, addictions, criminal activity etc.. and now love to devote their time and energy to help and assist others.

The Naked Truth was originally birthed from a book written by the Project Founder Miriam Virgo, it explained the beginning of trials and challenges facing a young christian and ongoing struggles to overcome coupled with the unequipped response of the church. A definite need for restoration and compassion in the body of Christ has been accommodated by this ministry.

We take the true heart of Jesus to the community and assist Pastors and leaders in allowing their congregations to be placed on the pathway to becoming well and truly set free and healed from detrimental circumstances and situations holding them back. We offer people a 'Like-minded friend' who they can feel safe to open up to and receive healing and ministry.


We run 'Mobile' Healing retreats, hosting annual conferences, doing workshops and seminars and going to churches on request to teach on specific topics, particularly things that may be too detailed or sensitive to handle in a normal service.

We also offer guidance and training to other teams or ministries that wish to learn how to handle sensitive matters like :

Emotional healing/ Soul ties/ Trauma/ Shock/Bereavement/ Spiritual abuse/drugs/abuse/grief/depression/suicide/childhood trauma/ wrongful sexual beliefs, confused sexual identity or choices, rape, suicide, divorce, adoption and fostering issues, exploitation and many more. Please email or call us for further assistance.

The Naked Truth Charity Head Office

49 Station Road

Polegate East Sussex

BN26 6EA

Tel: 0800 3689773

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