Our Mission

Our Mission is the fulfilment of Isaiah 61, we work under the banner of Fire-fighters outreach charity



The heart of the labourers among us is to seek out the harvest of lost souls and restore them to Gods abounding, hope, peace, joy and love.

We seek to elevate Jesus and his practices by  using his principles to accurately guide the body of Christ to freedom  we do this by travelling around doing workshops, hosting annual conferences and doing

seminars at churches.

We offer miniature seminars on topics such as generational sin, Pornography, unhealthy relationships and soul ties,  Christian foundations, inner healing, healing for the human spirit, root causes of Lust, perversion, Lies, deception, wrongful sexual choices and activity.  Lordship of Jesus,  Exploitation of Leadership, Spiritual abuse, False comfort, Forgiveness, betrayal, rejection, Sicknesses  to name but a few.

We address hard hitting topics in the body of Christ that some believers may feel too embarrassed, ashamed or fearful to talk about or address. We create a safe place for people to learn and be trained to help others as well as themselves. 

The Naked Truth Charity Head Office

49 Station Road

Polegate East Sussex

BN26 6EA

Tel: 0800 3689773

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